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Resistance training is beneficial for improving stability, muscle tone, muscle endurance, hypertrophy, strength, and power. Multiple systems and options are available depending on fitness goals. It can incorporate a multitude of props including machines, bands, straps, and dumbbells, and be customized to clients' preferences to include cardio, plyometrics and/or core as needed.


Cardio fitness training is the most important exercise for everyone.  Studies have proven that there is a direct link between cardio fitness and overall health and happiness, chronic disease risk, and mortality rate. Cardio is incorporated into each fitness program because of its numerous health benefits.  The good news is that it doesn't take a miles-long run to achieve these benefits; just a good workout routine.

               CORE STRENGTH


All natural stability and movement derive from the core.  Core strength training focuses on improving all three different core muscle groups: the local and global stabilization systems, and the movement system. These important muscle groups are responsible for everything from stability and strength in the core and back to weight transfer from the upper to lower body. Building core strength will help prevent injuries and pain.



Plyometrics training uses bounding, jumping, and hopping to develop maximum muscle power and force.  It is important because it enhances the neuromuscular system by improving reaction time and recruiting the smaller, supporting muscles to assist the larger, more dominant ones.

               SPEED & AGILITY


Speed and agility training can help to improve sports performance, but it can also be highly beneficial for reducing risk of injury in people of all ages, including seniors, as it is proven to increase stability and reaction time.  It can also be incorporated into weight loss regimens, as it burns more calories and fat due to its high-intensity, short-duration activities and short rest periods.

               WEIGHT LOSS


The key to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume.  Short-duration, high-intensity activities help to burn more fat and calories than activities that are longer but less intense.  Workouts can be designed according to personal weight loss goals and timeframes.



Balance is key to all movement and force production.  Balance training is used to improve stability and neuromuscular efficiency in order to reduce the risk of lower body injuries.  It is especially beneficial for seniors in helping to reduce the risk of stumbles and falls.  Difficulty level can be progressively increased to add challenge as needed.



Posture correction uses different stretching techniques and corrective exercises to build and restore muscle balance and symmetry.  A customized correction plan is created based on a brief postural and physical assessment, which is usually conducted during the first session.

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