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"I have worked with a few trainers and Mike is, by far, the best. He is knowledgeable, understanding, and very patient. He's got a great attitude, and cares about his clients. He will adjust your workout to your specific needs and coaches you through it. When he works with you, he is focused on you. I highly recommend Prime Life Fitness to anyone interested in bettering their life and health!"
- Amy N.


"I was a competitive swimmer and coach for years and have seen a wide range of trainers/coaches and their abilities. Michael is one of the best trainers for a variety of reasons: he cares about the client, understands their situation, and structures the training to fit their needs."

- Sandy H.


"I have been training with Mike for the past five weeks and I can already see the difference. Mike is committed and stay alert through out the session and motivates you to push to your limits. I have been trying to lose weight and get in good shape for several years. I achieved more than I did in the past few years, in terms of losing weight and increasing my core strength, in past few weeks. I would strongly recommend anyone who's is trying to get back in shape to go with prime life fitness. Thanks Mike."

- Deepu E.


"Michael is a very professional and knowledgable trainer. I have been taking 4 sessions with him and I have already seen the difference. I would recommend Michael to anyone who is interested in getting a personal trainer."
- Lucy J.


"Mike is one of the best fitness instructors in San Jose.  I trained pretty aggressively with him during bootcamp at our corporate gym.  He is thorough professional and aims to continually improvise & modify workout techniques.  I also trained 1:1 with Mike to focus on core and overal strength.  I would recommend Mike to anyone seriously seeking to take their fitness aspirations to the next level."
- Lloyd F.

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